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Gold Dredges

Gold dredges big and small. These placer mining machines suck up high volumes of sand, gravel and of course gold mixed with water, into your sluice box or holding pond. Today's modern dredges use water primarily as a carrying medium versus earlier mechanical dredge equipment which used buckets and large scoops hooked to a conveyor system.

Now known as "suction dredges", these units come in various sized from a lightweight backpack model of 1 1/2" to the large 12" hyper high suction machines.

Most miners chose a 3" - 6" dredge for their general mining needs. This size of dredge will move many yards of gold bearing material in an hour and can move the equivalent of a small mountain in a month. Wet suits are usually worn with skin diving or snorkel gear to focus on deep holes or bedrock areas under water.

Due to the thoroughness of the dredge, maximum gold can be recovered with minimal labor in a relatively short time. Depending on the area, 10 ounces per day with 2 - 3 people is not that uncommon. The gold dredge is a sweet way to mine.

Jobe Dredge Crashbox - $89.95

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